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About Hackoverflow Technical Society

Started in 2018, Hackoverflow Technical Society (HTS) is a recognized student-driven technical society of NAAC A+ accredited Chandigarh University. Starting from small-scale events, the HTS went on to hold several National Events like the Hackoverflow 3.0, a national level hackathon with 1900+ registrations from all across India including the IITs, NITs, BITS, etc. Apart from all these technical events HTS is a strong believer in providing mentorships and guidance and has successfully conducted Nation-wide Webinar Event, Hack 1-on-1. During the pandemic, HTS has been active and has organized events like Genesis 2020, which is a month-long interactive competition for Chandigarh University freshers.

Why Become an HTS Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador is a direct link between a university and an organization. Keeping this in mind, HTS has come up with its very own flavour of Campus Ambassador Program. The HTS Campus Ambassador program aims to become a full student-driven program that helps in the growth of university students and make them corporate-ready by developing their technical skills, helping them build networks, develop their communication and soft skills, and much more. In the HTS Campus Ambassador Program, the selected Campus Ambassadors will have the opportunity to represent HTS in their college/university and host national-level events. The Campus Ambassador will be provided with all the resources, not only for performing their delegated tasks but also for their personal skill development. As a Campus Ambassador, the selected candidate’s skill development will be prioritized and developed in an organized manner. The CAs will have access to free resources dedicated to their development. HTS will be coordinating with the selected CAs throughout their tenure and provide them with all the guidance they need.


Being a Campus Ambassador is not a cakewalk, it’s a powerful position. And, as all Marvel Fans know that “with great power comes great responsibility”, the CA is a position of power as the selected CAs will serve as a link between their universities and the Hackoverflow Technical Society. The CAs, being the face of HTS, will be responsible for:


"The work was always fun because you were with other people."
I began working as a campus ambassador when I was in my second year of college. The work is diverse which keeps it interesting; from campus tours to sign-in desks and organising events. HTS helped me develop a lot of skills which I'm sure I will benefit of in my future. It's great that you can fit the work hours around your college schedule and make use of your free time to gain experience and skills. The work was always fun because you were with other people. I met a lot of great people, and a celebrity too, which I would have never met had I not been a CA. I would encourage anyone who likes meeting new people, is friendly and helpful to apply for the role.


"This program has opened doors and presented opportunities to me..."
When I joined Hackoverflow as a campus ambassador, it gave me an opportunity to become a leader. This program has opened doors and presented opportunities to me that I would have never experienced without being a part of this program. Being a campus ambassador was the first step of my transition from a student to a professional, and I am sure that the skills I gained from this program helped me to grow professionally.


"You are going to enjoy working with this marvellous team"
Well, it was a great experiencem, as both - co-manager and campus ambassador in Hackoverflow 3.0. I have learned a lot of things, like work culture, and interaction with professionals. People at Hackoverflow are very friendly, dedicated, and hardworking. I learned how to organize and successfully execute hackathons. Most importantly, Hackoverflow has a productive and friendly environment. They always appreciate the work and effort that you put in. Lastly, I am sure that you are going to enjoy working with this marvellous team.



We all know that it is equally important for a University/College student to be part of some form of an extra-curricular activity, but, often after joining the students feel that they made a mistake and are wasting their precious time. HTS is a student-driven society, hence we know what a student needs in return for their to time and efforts. To make sure that the truly dedicated candidates do not feel that they have wasted away their time, HTS provides its CAs with the following perks:


There will be monthly and weekly tasks. Each task will contain some points. Campus ambassadors are required to complete the given task within the deadline to earn the points. Given below is the hierarchy for campus ambassadors based on their points along with the perks.

What are you waiting for?
1. As a Campus Ambassador, you would be responsible for all the activities mentioned in Section II of Annexure A (Tasks and Responsibilities).
2. Your date of joining is (DATE) for a tenure of (DURATION). In your tenure, you are expected to devote your time and efforts to complete the activities assigned to you.
3. You will be working from your campus in the duration of your internship. There will be virtual meetings scheduled with the team to discuss work progress and overall internship experience at regular intervals.
4. You will be a part of a Leader Board during the internship. All the activities assigned to you can fetch points and these points will be added on the leader board.
5. Points (rewards) to each activity will be announced only during assigning the activity. Even though, there would be some repetitive online publicity activities whose points will be announced on the commencement of the internship.
6. All the benefits to the campus ambassadors are based on their performance as mentioned in Section Campus Ambassador Perks.
7. You can always surprise us with your ideas and passion and that can fetch extra rewards.
8. Expect constant and continuous objective feedback from our team members. Feedback is the only way we all can continuously push ourselves to do better.